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Please Help!

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Help Badly Needed!

April 26, 2007

The General Manager
PCSO Main Office
E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue
Quezon City

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greeting of PEACE and LOVE as people and as Filipinos.

...of God’s Tests and Wisdom

We never lose hope and still are struggling to live harmoniously and face steadfastly the reality— the very essence of life. Indeed, human life is full of challenges, sacrifices and meanings that we called “test of life and faith”.

As human beings we are simply to experience those sorts of God’s tests that come in different degrees. And there’s that His wisdom in that every test. But we are told not to question His divine wisdom lest we will be cursed, instead to appreciate it. Yes, we can appreciate and be grateful to Him for all the praises and thanks are due to Him.

What counts most is that we don’t and won’t lose hope and faith in God, despite hard tests He inflicted upon us. We toil, we pain, we persevere— we never do complain for it’s but God measures our faith. We are faithful— we can survive. And if we die that is the ultimate destiny that every one of us has to prepare for.

We wish not die in vain or as useless individuals. That’s why we have to love all the God’s creations: all mankind, anything around us. We take care of our jobs that we serve enthusiastically our community, our country and the world. Almost we dedicate our temporary life for altruistic cause and deed, for peace and development for all….Yet the test has come.

My brother, 46, whom I fondly called Bro AL, has suffered from acute stroke attack; he has been confined and undergone brain and lung intensive medication at Ciudad Medical Zamboanga, one of the best hospital in City, since April 4 until today.

My brother, ALZY, his first name—married and blessed with two children, a girl and a boy age 7 and 6, respectively— is the concurrent municipal engineer of the Island-Municipality of Pata since June 2006. He undertakes engineering works and various infrastructure projects.

Among the flagship projects under the government of the incumbent Mayor Anton Burahan, the last termer, is the construction of Mosque in Barangay Saimbangon where the seat of municipal government is located. Several projects like school buildings and facilities, and bridges and roads my brother has started constructing within a few months still need funding assistance and allotment, while some projects are already established.

As far as his work ethic is concerned, he is by nature hardworking and patient with his works though he receives only underpay salary, spending some times doing construction and masonry tasks under the scorching sun while most of his staff are taking rest under the coconut trees and shanties. He is a leader by example, encouraging co-workers to double their efforts working.

This is what I observed about my brother’s sincerity and love to serve during the on-going construction of numerous bridges where he is designated as assistant manager in Sulu and other ARMM areas under the SALAM Bridge Program, a joint-venture of the Philippine and the British Governments from 2000 to 2003.

He also went abroad working as project engineer and surveyor in A-Rahman Al-Hindi’s Surveying Office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for eight years starting 1991. A Field engineer for three years in 1988 to 1991 at the National Housing Authority in Manila City, and two years at JPL construction from a period 1987 to 1988. Before he transferred to Pata, he had been recommended as project engineer under the Tulay Ni Pangulo Program in Ilo-Ilo, Visayas in 2004 to 2006.

“Working in the Christian-dominated areas is a blessing from Allah; because, more than constructing them public facilities, I gained goodwill and respect of the Christian faithful by sharing our similar beliefs and common understanding that both the Christian and the Muslim followers believe in One God.”

My brother once told me, cherishing the hospitality of those people particularly of Barangay Igbaras and some remotest barangays in Ilo-Ilo, to whom he constructed bridges and roads. “You are the one Muslim engineer working here… and this the first time we have these bridges cemented.”

They lauded my brother. But when asked about the AbuSayyaf’s beheading of the innocent and helpless captives, he said: “They (ASG) are misled recruits intent to sabotage peace and development and demoralize Muslims and Islam.”

Now, as his close relatives, we are exploring possibilities, seeking more moneys to settle his medical and doctor bill amounting to about P500,000 as of last week, and we gathered only about P130,000 which his wife already deposited to said hospital as initial payment.

Ours is only a limited human intervention, meaning God is the super disposer and savior of all beings. So we are doing our best we can in order to save our brother’s dearest life. But it is too hard for us to find such big amounts to pay said remaining bill with our empty saving now, and considering that brother Alzy’s monthly meager salary below P15,000 he receives being a temporary employee in the local municipal government of Pata, and his wife is only a plain housewife.

Tipped with information regarding the Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office, we are then earnestly seeking your assistance hoping that the PCSO under its Samaritan program: Individual Medical Assistance Program (IMAP) may sponsor the shouldering of the medical bill.

And we are praying for your positive response to please help us in guaranteeing the medical expenses of our brother, Alzy Muhalli, who is still confined for proper medication and possible recovery of his health at Ciudad Medical Zamboanga.

MABUHAY and more power to you and your agency in extending charitable assistance to our countrymen.

Very truly yours,

Sulu Capitol Site, Jolo, Sulu

Celfone Nos. 0919-4411391; 0906-7289253; 0905-9280113
Contact Address: C/O MSCI Tel No. 085-3418911 plus Local No. 2383

C/O Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Tel. No.(062) 992-7330

EDITOR'S NOTE: We have verified from the Ciudad Medical Hospital that Alzy Mahalli is presently confined. Although he is already out of the Intensive Care Unit, his nurse, E.J. Marali, says the patient is still under watch. They feed him through tubes and has been transfered to the hospital's ward section.

Hospital staff also confirmed the financial problem of the patient's family.We are appealing to everyone for help to save this man's life. You can get in touch either with the hospital staff or the letter sender, Karib Muhalli.

This letter addressed to The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office in Manila was furnished us by this e-mail address:

Thank you.

Al Jacinto

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