Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Journalists To File Charges vs Arroyo Husband

DAVAO CITY (Juan Magtanggol / 22 Nov) – Filipino media groups said they were supporting a class action lawsuit by journalists against President Gloria Arroyo’s husband Jose Miguel Arroyo.

Arroyo has filed libel charges against 43 journalists over the last two years in connection with reports of alleged election fraud and corruption.

Arroyo and his lawyers have repeatedly denied the accusations.Philippine journalists and international media groups denounced Arroyo’s libel charges as an effort to muzzle critics.

The National Union of Journalist in Philippines has repeatedly denounced violations of freedom of the press in the country.

Reports said a separate case may be filed against Arroyo's husband with the UN Commission on Human Rights after journalists "exhaust local remedies."

Arroyo's spokeswoman, Juris Soliman, denied the libel suits were intended to stifle the media and said the articles in question were written with malice. (Mindanao Examiner/With a report from the Associated Press)

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