Sunday, May 28, 2006

Editorial:Email Fraud!

While electronic mail has become the easiest way of communications, the danger of getting a virus or worm is also a risk. Of course, spam mails are nuisance, but I think the most difficult virus of them all is human.

Some people will do everything to steal from you, and they will even take the name of God in vain and use even the Holy Bible or the Quo’ran, and sometimes verses from them to lure other people.

Some will send you e-mails, saying, you won a multi-million dollar lottery, or that your e-mail address was chosen to win tens of thousands of Euros, or millions of Francs, or gold bars and Swiss deposits from deposed presidents, or dead corporate executives.

And there is no better way to ward this off, or protect your computers from virus and other threats, but to delete the e-mails and curse the sender.

Below is an example of a fraud. Using the name of Allah, the sender even capitalized the name that is Holy to Muslims.

In The Name Of ALLAH! Most Gracious, Most Merciful, "Salamalukum"

I understand the concern my letter will be to you for the fact that it comes from someone you dont know before. My name is Halima Ahmed from south Africa. i am 26 years old studying in Sunway University College Malaysia.

My father was working with South African Embassy here in Malaysia and at the same time do supply business with a chinese man, Mr chin chong.He does supplies of BIOTHERN 12 XP 1000 I.U product to one doctor from London.

The doctor normally meet him here in malaysia, my father supply to him before the doctor take the product to London where he treat animals in veterinary homes. Its for curing cow mouth disease, support good fat growth of cow and it is also been used for all other animals.

My father have stoped working with the embassy because of his sickness(Stoke) and he has gone back to south Africa.

I have taken his supply business from Mr. Chin Chong because he always cheat me during the profit sharing, and my father told me to stop every transaction with him because this business is my family business that i need to pay my father's bill at the Hospital and to take care of my school fees and some miscellaneous expenses here in Malaysia.

The doctor has called for the product again, that is why i need your assistance to supply the Doctor.

Please i will like to talk to you on phone and meet with you to discuss one on one over this business. We normally buy from one local malaysian lady at RM5,500 per cart on and sell to the Doctor at RM9,500.

I hope to hear from you soonest.

Yours faithfully,

Halima Ahmed

You can now email me at:

Greeetings..My name is Benard Damary,a banker with United bank for Africaplc, I want to transfer $26,000,000 Million US Dollarsbelonging to (late) Mr Yen Reidfield.

You can provide abank account of your choice for this amount and alsothe percentage you wish to take for your assistance. If we agree on the terms, you shall hold the balanceof the funds on trust after deducting your percentage,until we are able to find Reidfield's relative.

Reply for more details. Here is my phone +2348052168085

Faithfully, Benard Damary

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